DaMoyre (damoyre) wrote,

There are many other things I could possibly be doing....

Like sewing Sarah's new pointe shoes (have I mentioned she's doing a Russian ballet camp for the last two weeks of summer?), or downloading pictures from my digital camera; (we had an awesome ice skating b-day party for the kids this past Sunday!) I could also be reading (I won a reading contest at my local library! LOL I thought the prize would be lame, but I actually got two Aerosmith CD's and a pen! Wooo hooo?!)

I could be writing or catching up with lj.

But nah.

I have a sore throat and I'm sucking lemon with honey and being absolutely lazy in from of the computer. :D

What better way to be lazy than taking a quiz? (Plus IJ, GJ, and JF all need to be christened with at least one of those!)

Which Harry Potter Character Are You?

You are part Harry. You're a loyal and courageous friend. You'd do anything to protect the people you love, especially if it'll get you a break from class for a little while.
You are part Hermione. You're a bookworm always in search of answers. When pressed, however, you can always be counted on to put away the books and help your friends.
Find Your Character @ BrainFall.com

Yay for completely pointless posts. :D

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