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There's not been a gathering like this in our lifetime!

Third time's the charm! Ok, not all the time. Shrek 3 and Spiderman 3 were both a bit of a dissappointment. However, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End will not be joining the ranks of progressively suckier franchises. xD

Summary: Davy Jones and his Flying Dutchman are now under Lord Beckett's control, and their only purpose is to destroy the pirate world. Meanwhile, Elizabeth, Will, and Captain Barbossa sail the seven seas to find a way to bring Jack back from Davy Jones' locker. They arrive at Singapore - seeking help from the Chinese pirate lord, Sao Feng, and convince him to join forces with them. Eventually, they will need to seek the other pirate lords so they can all fight together: for freedom, for piracy's sake!

* Davy Jones' locker was quite a disturbing place. That must have been maddening for poor Jack (not that he was very sane to begin with!) and I seriously felt for him. I loved the cinematography during those scenes. The special effects with the crabs, too. And of course, seeing a couple dozen Jacks in various states of pirate attire and undress was rather nice. You won't hear me complaining about that. ;)

* Seeing the pirates coming together, from all the corners of the world, was really exciting. I loved the French pirate Lord and the Spanish one, too.

* I've never been a fan of Elizabeth/Will, but I'm totally sold on them after this movie. I loved the secrecy, the misunderstandings, and oh, the angst! Orlando has really grown into this role. This is the first time that he's really *convinced* me with his acting. His performance was simply fantastic. Keira was gorgeous, as usual. Elizabeth kicked ass as captain and pirate 'King'. :D

* Captain Barbossa is probably my favorite character in this saga. And there were SO many awesome bits of slashy Jack/Barbossa goodness, my inner fangirl was reduced to a puddle of goo and squee. *____*

* Norrington! Omg. Why must he break my heart like that? I was so not expecting him to die and kept wishing that he'd be brought back somehow. But well, I guess the corny 'back to life' plots are only for the pirates, huh? Arrr. I loved that he stood by Elizabeth till the very end. And they said goodbye with a kiss...

* Pintel and Ragetti? I only have one thing to say: OTP! :D

* Elizabeth/Will wedding scene was incredibly cheesy and simply perfect. I loved Barbossa's "Just kiss!" line at the end. It was priceless.

* Davy Jones' backstory, so tragic and romantic. I loved his scene with Calypso, and the way she told him he wouldn't love her if she were not herself. It was nice to take a look at the man behind the tentacles. All in all, it was so very sweet.

* There were SO many storylines and normally I would be like "WTF?" but somehow the writers managed to keep the focus and to pull them all forward. Bootstrap, the Governor, Elizabeth/Will, Elizabeth/Norrington, Jack and Barbossa fighting for control of the Black Pearl, Davy Jones/Calypso: there was closure for each one of them.

* Barbossa, Barbossa, Barbossa! [insert babbling and squee here!]

* Jack!monkey was adorable, as usual. I loved how Barbossa was feeding him and calling him a good boy and omg! SO frigging CUTE!

* Keith Richards. *SQUEEEE* I had nearly forgotten that he would be making a cameo in the movie, so when I saw him I almost started jumping up and down! I couldn't stay in my seat. :D He looked awesome and his performance - though very short - was incredible.

* Captain Barbossa was awesome. Just in case I didn't mention that before.

* When I saw that Will was dying and Jack did not stab Davy's heart, I knew what he would do. There was no other way. It's really sad that he had to leave Elizabeth behind so soon after their wedding and how sad that he wouldn't be there for his son, just the way Bootstrap wasn't there for him. :(

* Poor Jack! He never gets to keep his true love around for long. I can't believe Barbossa took the ship again. LOL (Then again, oh yes I can. xD)

I know this is supposed to be the last installment, but the last scene with Jack makes me wonder if perhaps there might be one more. ;) If there is, they better bring Barbossa back!

This movie was exceptionally well done. The special effects were awesome, the ships, the battles, the music, the dialogue. EVERYTHING. I loved the first movie. Hated the second. This third installment just renewed my love for the PotC universe! There's NOTHING I didn't love about this movie. I thought it was perfect from action-filled beginning to bittersweet end. Though it was three hours long, I did not feel it at all. In fact, I didn't want it to end! Seriously? I could have watched three six hours more.

If I didn't have a party Saturday, I'd be going to the movies again. But well, I do have time on Sunday. And on Monday. I can't wait to see it again. And again and again.

And omg, when's the dvd coming out, please!! ^______^
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