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Movie: The Motorcycle Diaries

This movie is more than two years old, isn't it? WHY didn't I watch it before? I first picked the movie from the shelf because of Gael Garcia Bernal: he's pretty and I'm shallow. ;) Also, because I've never been disappointed with any of his movies - and this isn't the exception.

The short: Biopic film of young Che Guevara. Friends Rodrigo de la Serna and Ernesto Guevara embark in a life-changing road trip through South America.

The long version? The movie starts out as you'd expect of a 'road trip' movie. It's funny and full of mishap. The first view you get of 'The Mighty One' makes it clear that the motorcycle isn't mighty at all, and you start wondering if they're even going to make it out of Buenos Aires.

Once they get on the road, the scenery is breathtaking: from tall mountains and green fields, to muddled rivers and snowy landscapes, and later some great shots of Machu Pichu. The movie has it all! Friendship, love, disappointment, social injustice, humor, and compassion.

It's the subtle passage of time and the implications of each of Guevara's encounters with less privileged human beings that really leave you feeling uplifted. It's neat to observe how a person ceases to be and metamorphoses into something completely different; it's both the idealism of youth and the awareness that comes with experience - or age.

Guevara's voice is poignant, poetic, and incredibly awakening. I do think some of the beauty of his words gets lost in translation. The subtitles are pretty decent, but they lack some of the depth and heartbreaking idealism that you get in the original Spanish. (So, if you happen to know Spanish, try to ignore the subtitles and listen carefully to his words. ^__~)

Other things I liked:

* Gael, of course. What an awesome performance!

* The indigenous people speaking their native Quechua. (I've worked with people from Ecuador who speak the language, and it's just SO beautiful.)

* The dancing and singing! Oh, the beauty of mambo. *g* And how hilarious it was for Ernesto to think of it as 'tango'.

* The leper colony and the interactions between the doctors and the nuns. Mother Superior was both the stereotype of all nuns and the real thing. (I spent my first few years of elementary school in an 'all girls' institution ran by nuns. So. This just brought back memories! LOL)

I am SO in love with this movie right now. I need to buy the dvd.
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