DaMoyre (damoyre) wrote,

Pimps: BoG Vid, Naruto/Loveless fanart

Someone made a BoG fanvid to HIM's Wicked Game.

Two of my greatest loves combined! It's like white chocolate ice cream with a swirl of raspberry sauce, you know? This is a fangasm, an audio-visual convenience pack of...perfection!

Also, there's this awesome SeimeixRitsuka fanart by tomoe_daeva. (WARNING: NOT WORK SAFE!) You can find it here.

Right below that pic she has a little Aoyagicest/Uchihacest comic that makes me smile like a dork. (You'll need to be familiar with both Loveless and Naruto to get it.)

So HIM/BoG and Naruto/Loveless!


That is all.
Tags: blades of glory, fanart pimp, loveless, naruto, recs, vids

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