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Fandom is a way of life!

I'm so, so in love with Blades of Glory right now. I can't wait to go watch it again. In fact, I might just camp at the movies and watch showings of it back to back until it goes off the theaters. ;)

I'll tell you a secret, too. I'm not alone in my madness. There are lots and lots of freaks people like me out there. I found chazzjimmy, bog100, bogslash, and blades_of_glory. My life will never be the same. I'm in heaven. ^____^

The plots bunnies are hopping around like, whoa! But surprisingly enough, not just for BoG, but also for Naruto and GW! Imagine that. I hope I have the time to take advantage of this sudden surge, because my inspiration comes like Halley's comet and then it's gone before I can say: pr0n!

Other than obsessing over spandex and sex on ice, I'm really loving the Shippuuden episodes. I've stopped reading the manga, but the anime is still nice. ;)

1. What are your five favorite things about your fandom?
* The size! Naruto is huge. (What? Size DOES matter.)
* The number of interesting characters and the way the canon allows for interchangeable pairings. The possibilities are endless.

2. What are your five least favorite things about your fandom?
* Bad fic, and the insane amount of original characters and Mary Sues. (Then again, it's like that with every fandom.)
* People who try to redeem Orochimaru and write him as a nice guy. Newsflash: He's NOT a nice guy. He's the villain and he doesn't want to be good. Please love him for what he really is. Okay, thank you. ;)
* Fandom police and elitists. (Again, this goes for every fandom.)

3. Who are your five favorite characters?
* Orochimaru (I know you're shocked. But seriously! ;) )
* Kimimaro
* Kabuto
* Iruka
* Haku/Shikamaru/Shino/Gai/Konohamaru - they all get to share the last spot! ;)

4. Who are your five least favorite characters?
* Sakura - of all the females, she's the one I like least.
* Sasuke - he was my favorite once, but Kishimoto made him such a Mary Sue. LOL

That's it. I seriously love all the characters. In fact, I really don't hate Sasuke and Sakura. I just like them least of all.

5. What are your five favorite pairings?
* Orochimaru/Kimimaro
* Orochimaru/Kabuto
* Orochimaru/Sasuke
* Orochimaru/Jiraiya
* Orochimaru/The entire manga?

What? You mean the are other pairings out there? Right, well: Shikamaru/Chouji, Zabuza/Haku, Naruto/Hinata, Gai/Kakashi, Kankuro/Gaara, and Lee/Sakura are also big hits with me.

6. What are your five least favorite pairings?
* Itachi x Sakura/Hinata/Temari (That's just wtf.)
* Gai/Lee (No, no, no. Gai so totally does not love Lee like THAT.)
* Iruka/Naruto (See above.)
* Kakashi/Sasuke (Not sure why, I just can't get into it.)

That's pretty much it. I'm game for just about anything under the sun. ;)

7. Which character are you most like?
Um... none? I'm my own brand of fucked up. ;)

8. What is your deep, dark fandom secret?
I really don't care for Naruto/Sasuke. Also? I love Kakashi/Iruka. Yes, it makes no sense. Make it my crack pairing or whatever. When done right, it makes me melt.
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