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Favorite Fics Meme

Lifted from keelywolfe <3

Post a list of your top five favorite fics you've written, regardless of fandom or the reason you love them. This isn't about the best things you've written, but what you love most. Then tag five other people to do the same.

1. Straight Flush (Naruto, KakaGai) - Technically, this fic might not belong here, since it's a collaboration. But I couldn't leave it out, because when I saw this meme, this was the first fic that came to mind. This story is humor bordering on crack (Okay, maybe it's pure crack, but I am biased!) This fic reminds me of the reason *why* I write fanfic. Writing Gai on this thing was pure joy - it makes me wish that all my writing was this much fun. There's nothing I would change about this fic - perfect or not, with or without mistakes. I love it so much! :) I claim this one as my baby and I happily share custody of it with its other mommy, datenshiblue, whom I also adore beyond words. <33

2. Spring (Gundam Wing, Quatre/Duo) - This story formed in my head, word for word. It's one of those rare fics that didn't make me struggle or break my brain. I look at it today and find there are a few things I'd change, things I might write differently and then there are a few lines that just blow my mind and make me wish I could always write like that.

3. The Minute of Decay (Naruto, OroSasu) - This one, like Spring, formed in my head word for word. I like the mood and the characterization. If I had to change anything about the fic, I might just make it a full length story instead of a ficlet. All in all, though, I think it works just fine the way it is.

4. QaF Contest: Topic #1 (QaF-US, Brian & Mikey) - Given the premise, I think I did a damn good job turning this thing around. It was a lot of fun writing and participating in the contest, and getting letters and phone calls from Showtime lawyers. ;) It didn't "win" but I'm very proud of it.

5. Exquisite Pain (VC, Armand/Daniel) - One of the last stories I wrote in my first 'serious' fandom. One of the few VC fics I wrote that didn't involve a cheesy plot or some horrible Mary Sue. *cringe* There are lots of problems with this fic, but it shows my growth as a writer; the turning point, when I finally became aware of the difference between "good fic" and "crap", and though this fic is probably more an example of the latter, I still like it. I'm also attached to it for the bonds I formed by writing in this fandom. I've known a lot of the people in my flist for over a decade!

I'm not tagging anyone. A lot of you have already done this anyway. ;)
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