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QaF 510 - 513 (finale)

I finished watching the series tonight.

There was a definite sense of finality surrounding the last episode - some sort of melancholic feeling to just about everything that was said and done.

Or perhaps I was just reading too much into it, because that's the way I was feeling.

It's almost hard to believe that it's been five years since the series began - and when you watch something for that long, and grow to love the characters and care about them, it's hard to let them go.

Being the spoiler whore I am, I knew most of what was coming, but I still cried like a baby in the last few scenes. In a way, the finale was both not what I was expecting or wanted to see - and exactly that.

Season five was rather shaky and while some of the writing was incredibly good - a lot of it was just atrocious.

The Good Stuff:

* The much anticipated 'I Love You', delivered in 510 was beautifully done by Gale, and couldn't have been more perfectly-timed within the timeframe/plot. Justin's reaction was a little flat - and it's probably due to the circumstances, but still, I don't think Randy was able to pull it off and be up to pair with Gale on that scene. Still, I watched that scene over and over again and will probably do so many more times in the future.

It's funny how some people were mad that Brian had finally said the "L" word and somehow felt that his doing so was sort of a sellout of his character, when in fact it shows maturity and growth. People aren't static. Everyday, they change.

* That same episode also had what to me has to be one of the most touching scenes in the entire series, and believe it or not, it was a Lindsay/Melanie moment: When Melanie opens her bed for Lindsay once again, where you see the two of them cuddling with Gus and J.R? Amazing. I think even the colors they used on that scene agreed with the feelings they were projecting - warmth, forgiveness, love, a family.

* The scene between Brian and Debbie in the hospital chapel, when she's demanding - not asking or pleading for! - Michael's life. It was a very Debbie moment, the essence of her character. And when she asks Brian if he wants to say a prayer, his response, and his attitude - the quintessential Brian Kinney.

* I liked the Drew/Emmett storyline, even if it felt a little forced in parts. It was still nice to see him come back and come out!

The VERY BAD Stuff:

* First Brian says "ILY" and the next thing you see is him proposing? Doing a 360 turn and just denying all his beliefs? The lines in 511 were so cheesy and painful, I'm surprised Gale was able to deliver any of them with a straight face.

* Lipo? Facelift? The guy with the crowd phobia? The Jewish doctor? Ted and Tad? OMG. Leave the poor guy alone. These writers really hated Ted, huh? For all the shit they put him through, he might have been better off dead like his UK counterpart.

So glad Blake showed up at the end. I was *really* hoping he would turn up, and was very happy when he did.

* The Brendan (was that his name? You know, the poor excuse for "Blond Viking God"?) and Brian competition storyline? Lame. So lame.

* Rosie O'Donnell. 'nuff said.

The finale:

I think the writers tried to redeem themselves from the utter load of shit they delivered between 510 and 512. But it almost seems sadistic (and ludicrous!) the way they built up the fans with the whole Brian/Justin wedding thing, only to drop the bomb at the end, and throw everything away. It was like taking us all to very high hill, and then pushing us down, headfirst. I bet they were laughing as they saw everyone fall. xD

I would say I was disappointed with the finale - but I'm really not. Is it sad? Yeah. But it's also very realistic and true to the characters.

Taking into account the kind of people Justin and Brian are, having the wedding take place and seeing them ride into the sunset to be together and live happily ever after would have been a joke.

Brian isn't that kind of person. Some people just aren't meant to be "married". Yes, he can grow, and yes, he can love and he can change, and he can do many things. But in the end, he's, as Mikey and Lindsay pointed out, Brian Fucking Kinney. Always young, always beautiful and unapologetic. To "marry him off" would have been like clipping a bird's wings. You can tame a wild beast, but that doesn't make it less of a beast.

Justin *loved* him for that, and Brian trying to change to give him what he wanted (which should be credited to bad writing btw, because Brian, being who he is, wouldn't do such thing) was like a slap in Justin's face.

Justin wanted commitment and monogamy and a "family" - and at the same time he didn't; not at the cost of changing the Brian he loved. Contradictory much? Yeah. But people can be. So it makes perfect sense.

Brian is probably one of the most selfish creatures to have ever walked the Earth - yet he's also very selfless and altruistic in many of his actions. He wouldn't have held Justin back from his career - that just isn't Brian Kinney.

Justin showed tremendous maturity in the last few episodes. It was really awesome to see "Little Sunshine" become a man - become the best homosexual he could be. His acceptance of Brian and of what they could and could not accomplish together was something that season 1 or season 2 Justin would never understand.

Their last sex scene? OMG. A thing of beauty. Passionate, sensual, loving - always sexy. Beautiful shots.

In the end, Michael and Brian - always. (Somewhat a parallel to the UK ending.) And "Proud" playing in the background just gave me goose bumps.

There's so much more ahead for all the characters - together or apart.

I think there's so much more I wanted to say... and I can't remember now. Oh well.

Thank you, CowLip for ripping my heart out with a bittersweet ending. Thank you for not giving me a cheesy, ridiculously romantic, and predictable ending. Though I must admit I'd have squealed in joy instead of crying my eyes out if that had been the case. Thank you for not butchering my characters, for staying true to them.

I think I'll be all sniffly and stuff for at least another day. But sometimes it's nice to hurt a little, and to have a good cry. It always helps.


I'm gonna miss my boys.
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