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Because keelywolfe inspired me with her post to actually share pics of my lovelies.

Konohagakure Kabuto, Orochimaru, and Kimimaro stamp

Kimi, Orochimaru, and Otogakure Kabuto. (Omg, Orochimaru's tongue is so cute!)

Same three as above, but with the minies in front. (They're blurry, though. =P)

A little better picture of my mini Orochimaru and Kabuto. ^_^

Sasuke, Haku, and Sandaime. The "good guys". =P -tortures them-

Notice how they're all in perfectly innocent formations. And doing none of the depravity displayed by keelywolfe's figures! She's a sick, sick woman. (OMG! I love her.) I need to go home and do that to mine... NOW!

I have a few more at work that I haven't photographed yet. I'll get to them. ^__^

Still need to get a Tayuya, Sakon, and Kidomarou to complete my Sound army. (Maybe even a Jirobou, if the mood strikes. xD)
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