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Naruto Fic: A Willing Walk in Hell 1/1

Once again, I'm blaming it on bonne. ^__~

Title: A Willing Walk in Hell
Authors: DaMoyre and datenshiblue
Pairing: Orochimaru/Kabuto
Rating: NC-17
Genre: yaoi, dark
Warnings: graphic yaoi, a bit of blood, possible squick
Setting: Takes place a few years before the chuunin exam.
Spoilers: For the series and the manga.
Disclaimer: We don't own the Naruto characters. We're just playing with them and returning them in mint condition. Mostly.

Note: Not a happy/fuzzy fic. This is very dark.

~ * ~

It was ridiculously easy to slip out of the village. It would have been even easier in daylight, but his new mentor had requested the night, which suited the teen. At night no one would be wondering where he was. No one cared. His guardian was gone, killed on a mission over a year before. He hadn't mourned. He'd been secretly relieved. It gave him more freedom.

He traveled through the thickest part of the forest, avoiding pitfalls and natural dangers without exerting himself. He also took a round about route to make sure he wasn't being followed, more for practice than anything. The ninja of his village were soft. Sated with peace and prosperity. It made him sick.

Orochimaru waited for his newest servant in the shadows, all clad in black, fading in the moonless night. Kabuto was young but no innocent at all. He had a dark heart much like his own and it hadn't taken much effort to poison him. He had a brilliant mind, a genius at a young age; and he was power thirsty, tired of the mediocre village that had raised him.

Konoha would never be his home.

Kabuto dropped down out of the trees at the meeting place. He saw the cloaked figure and a little chill ran up his spine. It was important not to show fear in front of his new master. In fact it was important to show as little as possible of anything. But the adrenaline still hit his blood; he couldn't quite control his physiognomy well enough yet, not as well as he would be able to some day.

There was an incredible rush, meeting alone with someone, something so powerful as the legendary missing nin. It fed Kabuto's desire for danger and his need to prove he was so much more than those around him ever accounted him as.

He glanced at the cloaked figure diffidently.

"You're reckless," he said. "Coming out into the open like this."

"The Leaf sleeps." Orochimaru's voice was slithery and cold, chilling the air around him. "They think they're safe. They're weak...they're soft." Without moving from his place in the shadows, his long tongue slid out, fast and strong, wrapping around Kabuto's throat, holding him against a tree trunk. Then he moved, eyes narrowing on the boy as he closed the distance between them. His pale hand came from underneath his cloak, stroking Kabuto's cheek, then running a finger along the frame of his glasses.

Orochimaru could feel the boy's pulse on his neck, feel it rising, but it wasn't fear he could taste. Slowly, he released him, lowering him to the ground, his tongue disappearing inside his mouth as quickly as it'd come out.

"What do you have for me tonight?"

Kabuto swallowed, but refrained from raising a hand to his throat. Instead he pushed up his glasses. "I've collected information on nearly a third of the active chuunins, and some of the jounin. With more time, I'll get them all." He slipped a hand into his pocket and took out a small packet of cards. He held them up. They appeared to be blank.

"Well done." Orochimaru took the cards from Kabuto's hand, fingertips lingering on that soft, open palm for a moment or two. Then he slid the cards inside his cloak. He was pleased with Kabuto's efficiency.

Orochimaru held their lives in his hands. Little by little he was collecting all the pieces, gathering all the information he needed, a card for each shinobi in Konoha, like solving a puzzle.

But soon, it would cease to be a game.

"The chuunin exams are next week. It'll be your chance to collect the rest."

Kabuto's eyebrows lifted. "Won't I be busy? Taking the exam and all?"

Orochimaru laughed, dry and low. "What would you do with a worthless chuunin rank from this village?" He lifted Kabuto's chin till their eyes met, slanted pupils narrowing, eyes gleaming in shades of gold and red. "You'll go as far as you need to complete the rest of the cards. Then you'll withdraw from the exam."

Kabuto's eyebrows drew together. "I could pass this with my hands tied," he said, a soft hint of a snarl in it. "I'll get your information. But you want me to fail...deliberately?"

Orochimaru's eyes were hypnotic. They weren't human eyes. Not for the first time Kabuto wondered *what* the man was. He tried to suppress the shiver but close proximity to the man... the... being... affected him like a slow-acting drug.

Orochimaru smiled, enjoying the fire in Kabuto's voice. It was almost defiant and somewhat amusing.

What he'd said was true. He could very well pass the exam with his hands tied, with his eyes closed, with no effort at all. All one had to do was take a look at the index cards he'd been collecting to know the other chuunin candidates were below Kabuto's level.

But a chuunin rank would bring responsibilities, more expectations from the village, more missions; all things that would occupy the boy's time, distract him from a more important mission: the one Orochimaru had for him.

"You don't need to pass," Orochimaru said, watching the reflection of his eyes on Kabuto's glasses. He fingered the silver frames and slowly removed them, sliding them in the front pocket of Kabuto's vest. "If it's so important to you...there'll be another chance in a few months."

Kabuto licked his lips, his vision slightly blurred by the removal of the lenses. His respiration was getting deeper, despite his usually superior control over it. "You mean you'd let me pass next time?"

Let him. It was there between them - he'd obey.

Orochimaru smirked. Passing the chuunin exam wasn't a priority, in fact, it didn't even make it to the list of things he'd planned for Kabuto to accomplish. The exam, however, was the perfect place to gather information. It was a time to display the best of the best, all the hidden villages coming together for this event.

Yes, Kabuto would certainly attend next time, and the one after. And the one after that.

"You'll be able to take the exam again. The outcome will be decided...when the time comes."

He could detect the slight change in Kabuto's breathing, watch the way his chest rose and fell, control slowly slipping away. Yet, it wasn't fear he could smell in the air, spilling from Kabuto's body, from every pore. It was something else...it was...

He bent over Kabuto, moving closer, his nose touching the warm skin of the boy's neck, inhaling, trying to identify the scent. It was excitement, dark and twisted...just like Kabuto's personality.

Few people had ever been this close to Orochimaru without experiencing fear; few people had been this close to him and lived.

Kabuto swallowed, gritting his teeth at his failure to fully control his physical reactions. He'd worked so hard at it! The rest of the time he could tell a lie without so much as shifting his breathing, without any change in pulse, without even an involuntary dilation of pupil. But Orochimaru's presence... He couldn't repress the shiver at the soft touch on his skin. He wanted... he wanted... he didn't know exactly *what* he wanted. Only that it caused an ache deep inside his body.

The slight tremor in Kabuto's body didn't go unnoticed, and Orochimaru's lips curved slightly at the corners. "Are we clear on the Chuunin exam, then?" It was merely a whisper, the tip of his tongue darting out, barely tracing the outline of Kabuto's earlobe.

Kabuto closed his eyes and then opened them again quickly. "Clear," he said, his voice a little thicker than normal. He felt as if he were about to be devoured by a giant predator...but the thought didn't make him want to run. He simply wondered what it would feel like to have his flesh ripped from his bones.

"Good." Orochimaru moved a few inches away, only far enough to be able to look down at Kabuto, while his tongue was still at play on the boy's ear tasting...testing.

It was hard not to enjoy these encounters. Every time he saw the boy, something caught his attention. Kabuto was growing up fast, his mind getting sharper day after day, his talents increasing as well.

What a useful tool he was now. What a lethal weapon he'd become.

Kabuto made himself look up, meet those unearthly gold eyes. The teasing touch on his ear was sending his pulse even further out of control. More adrenaline pumped into his system, preparing him for...what? Fight or flight? But he wouldn't fight someone so far his superior, that would be suicide. And he didn't want to run away. He wanted... he wanted...

He wanted the Sannin to take him....seriously...

"Is that all," he managed to say, trying to sound both subservient, with just the right undertone of insolence.

Orochimaru slipped his tongue back inside his mouth. That tone again, so daring, so very exciting.


"It would be a pity to cut our meeting so short," he said, strong hands on Kabuto's shoulders, pinning him to the tree trunk almost harshly. His tongue shot out again, wrapping tightly around Kabuto's neck, making it hard to breathe. A cold hand slipped from Kabuto's shoulder, moving down to his chest, sharp nails digging through the cloth.

Kabuto's eyelids lowered about half way. He was still, just a little tense, but not shuddering in that grip. He reacted to the nails, nostrils flaring. "If we're done..." he shrugged. And licked his lips for about the third or fourth time.

Oh, they were far from done.

Kabuto's quickening pulse, his scent; the cold eyes staring back at him, almost defiantly, stirred a hunger, something primal, awakening the snake beast within.

It happened so quickly, it was almost a blur, the long tongue wrapping even tighter about his neck, not enough to choke, but enough to bruise, restrict the passage of air just a little. Orochimaru let go of his shoulders, his hands coming up to form seals, a technique he used to murder. Only tonight, it would not end up in death.

Orochimaru moved closer, making body contact, pressing his chest against Kabuto's. The boy would need the support once he was released from his hold.

"Kanashibari no jutsu."

The technique would only last a few moments. It was usually long enough for the victim's life to be taken, during a terrifying lapse of complete paralysis.

Kabuto's eyes widened but he had no time to react, only to realize what was happening. Nevertheless, the medical-jutsu specialist fought it, fought the paralysis. One of Kabuto's secrets was that he had more control over his body than most practitioners of medical justu who were chuunin level. He was a prodigy in the art, his body just seemed to be made to be resilient, to resist damage, and to regenerate far more quickly than a normal person.

But everything he poured into this fight was only enough to cause his body to twitch convulsively, once. Then he was helpless, muscles going completely lax and unresponsive.

It was the nature of Orochimaru's technique that Kabuto's senses were all unimpaired. He saw and felt everything.

For a matter of seconds, it seemed that Kabuto would be able to fight the technique. Orochimaru felt the powerful chakra pouring from Kabuto's body, and his eyes widened both in rage and awe at the medic-nin's resilience, but it was only a glimpse of strength, a soft tremble. Orochimaru smirked. The freezing technique had never failed.

He pressed a hand to Kabuto's chest, holding him against the tree, contemplating his work. His other hand moved along Kabuto's arm, cold fingers and sharp nails, like needles.

"You'll live because you serve a purpose. My purpose," he said, his eyes meeting Kabuto's, and the yellow irises seemed to twirl in place, engulfing Kabuto in some kind of twister. "You live because you're mine."

He pressed his lips to Kabuto's, parting them, sliding the tip of his tongue, pushing his way through the barrier of teeth, tasting the boy's mouth, enjoying its warm confinement.

Kabuto couldn't resist, nor could he respond, he could only endure... as he was being tasted, the flavor of Orochimaru's tongue invaded his mouth. It was musky, and oddly, clean. If he'd been able to shudder, he would have. But whether it would have been a shudder of disgust or of excitement, even Kabuto himself would not have been sure.

The kiss prolonged for several moments, becoming deeper and deeper, the long tongue stretching inside Kabuto's mouth, the tip rubbing on his tonsils, sneaking further back, and Orochimaru could feel the heat of those soft lips against his own cold mouth. Kabuto's body was warm, making Orochimaru's fingers tingle. It was like touching fire, sending a shiver down his spine. He wanted to absorb Kabuto's heat, take it deep within, and feel warm... if only for a few moments.

The exploration continued, cold hands moving on Kabuto's body, like a swarm of insects crawling inside his clothes.

Kabuto felt the paralysis wearing off but he couldn't move. What continued to hold him frozen at first would have been easy to label fear - his heart was pounding so hard it nearly deafened him. As his reflexes came back, he choked around the long tongue invading his throat. Then he got control of himself. He forced his throat to relax. Blood in his system began shifting locations, diverting towards his lap.

The short gagging reflex indicated the end of the jutsu, and Orochimaru adjusted his tongue inside Kabuto's mouth, feeling him relax. He could feel the boy's pulse, and soft tremors running through his young, warm body. They were so close, the hardness between Kabuto's legs was quickly noticed, and attended to, with a cold hand sliding inside his pants.

Orochimaru broke the kiss at last, allowing a soft sigh to float in the air. "I can't decide if I like you better paralyzed... or like this," he said, rubbing Kabuto's hard flesh with his palm.

Kabuto shuddered noticeably. He licked his lips, tasting Orochimaru on his lips, his tongue. The cool fingers groping him sent electric jerks of adrenaline through him. Breathing hard, working to control it, he stared into Orochimaru's golden eyes.

You're mine.

Kabuto tried to believe he belonged only to himself.

"...you're sick..." he murmured. But there was an undercurrent in his voice. Anticipation.

Orochimaru laughed again, amused by Kabuto's comment.

Yes, perhaps he was sick. It was a disease he carried with him, in his mind, his body, and his soul - if he had any left at all. It was a sickness that spread to everything he touched, like poison. If it didn't kill it, it would make it rot, slowly but surely, make it mutate, decay, transform into something that was no longer human.

"What does that make you?" His cold breath caressed Kabuto's cheek, and his tongue stretched again, licking the outline of Kabuto's lips. "My student...my pet."

His free hand settled on Kabuto's chest, lingering for a moment, before pulling at his shirt, buttons flying in several directions, exposing pale skin. Orochimaru traced it with a sharp nail, cutting very thin, like the scratch of a pin, drawing blood; and his tongue darted down, lapping at the droplets, satisfying his thirst, his need to devour the boy in his arms.

Kabuto's lips pressed together and then parted. He watched, as Orochimaru tasted his blood.

"Sick." Then the boy smiled. "What does it make me? Why, a healer... I minister to the sick." He reached up tentatively and placed his hand against Orochimaru's chest.

The hand on his chest was warm, and Orochimaru leaned forward, pressing into it, eyes closing momentarily as a soft growl formed in the back of his throat.

"A healer." Orochimaru laughed quietly. The thought of any kind of cure for him was ludicrous. He was too far gone, so lost in darkness, no light would ever reach him. And Kabuto's light had never been bright enough to have a chance. Kabuto's light was black and blue, like the marks he'd have on his skin the next day.

The hand inside Kabuto's pants was still moving, fingers digging in the warm nest of curls, then moving along the shaft and wrapping around it once again, pumping, squeezing.

"Heal the sick and the dying," Orochimaru whispered. "I'm immortal."

"Yessss..." Kabuto managed, his voice slightly slurred as his body responded to being manipulated and stroked. He was already so hard it ached. "...you're immortal...I'm to learn from...you..."

He swallowed a sound between a whimper and a low moan, and his hips rocked forward. His sanity was slowly leaking away as he grasped for it desperately.

"I'll teach you," Orochimaru said with a short intake of breath.

It was a promise, a deal made with the medic-nin: servitude in exchange of forbidden knowledge and power. It was a pact with the devil, one that could only be broken by death.

The blood was drying on Kabuto's chest, and Orochimaru bent forward, closing his lips around a pink nipple, sharp canines making a small incision, tasting, feasting.

He lowered Kabuto's pants, allowing them to drop and wrap around his knees. Now he had more room, and his hand didn't miss a beat, cupping Kabuto's balls, rolling them in his palm.

Kabuto did whimper this time; it was unmistakable. He'd hardly dared to imagine this in his dark fantasies, only the edge of it, only what he'd thought were very daring and unlikely, pale, versions of it.

His shoulder blades pressed against the tree's trunk as he arched his back. "...teach...me..."

With eyes open, he entreated his own corruption.

The soft thud of Kabuto's discarded clothes was barely heard, muffled by the sounds of night in the woods; a tree branch slowly swaying as a soft rush of wind passed over it, leaves fizzing, nocturnal creatures venturing out, and then retreating to their hiding place, as soon as they sensed the dark chakra.

Orochimaru lowered his victim to the ground, kneeling on the grass with him, his black cloak making a shadow over Kabuto's pale body, embracing him, claiming him...

It was time to dye him in his colors.

Cold hands moved over Kabuto's back, and then he felt the wet, slithery tongue again, moving down along his spine, then draping around his torso, a serpent trapping his prey... his willing prey.

This was so much further than even Kabuto's most degraded dreams had gone. Yet he was thinking about what would happen next. He knew everything a person could know about human physiognomy. He knew how animals preyed on each other and how they mated. He knew that beasts of the same sex sometimes coupled, as did humans. He didn't care about sexuality. He wanted experience.

He found himself on his hands and knees, like one of those animals he'd mused about. On the forest floor, on the dirt, naked and aching... shivering as that tongue moved over his bare skin.

He found himself panting. Like a dog, he thought, with that cool observing part of his mind that never turned off, even while he was doing this...

Kabuto's panting, the taste of his skin, the soft pulsations of his body, throbbing on his tongue... it was maddening, increasing Orochimaru's thirst.

He moved his hands along Kabuto's back, then wrapped them around his chest, moving over him, long tongue unrolling, licking the back of Kabuto's thighs, twirling between his legs, swiping at his buttocks. He probed at the entrance with only the tip of his tongue, then slowly slid in.

Kabuto gasped, biting his lip to try and keep from whining like a child. His fingers dug into the dirt and dead plant life under him. He could feel it getting under his nails, as he felt that slippery tongue penetrate his body in a way it had never been violated before. He couldn't stop it. He swallowed another whine that was half sob. It was... it was... oh god it was....

Something heaved in his stomach and he swallowed it back, tasting bile. At the same time something inexplicable made him push... not forward, to get away, but... back.

The rock of Kabuto's hips served as an invitation to go deeper, pushing through the ring of muscles with his tongue, slipping in until he could go no more, until he could barely caress Kabuto's stomach - from within.

Then the thrusting began, without even having to move; Orochimaru simply knelt behind Kabuto, allowing his tongue to slide in and out, desecrating this body, allowing the heat and desire to rise within him like a welcomed fever.

Blood dripped from Kabuto's bitten lip to the ground but it couldn't keep the next few sounds inside. They were whining cries... part sob, part muffled howl.

The self-possessed boy was completely gone, leaving this tormented teenager in his place, still with that dispassionate watcher in his head. Warm salt water slipped down his cheeks as his upper body sank lower, leaving his ass in the air. His cock was so hard it felt like it was going to split open through the skin, and it dripped slowly as well. The whimpers became mewling as a sensation he'd never felt or imagined began to build inside, like the worst killing fever and infection. Like a wound about to burst.

Orochimaru watched, cold and detached, enjoying the image before him, the raw need emanating from Kabuto's body. It was exciting, and yet not satisfying enough, only making him want more from this boy.

Dye you in my colors. Make you mine.

Cold and detached he might be, but the snake Sannin wasn't immune to the sensations, the clenching of muscles around his tongue, Kabuto's hips rising, undulating, sending sparks, arousing, igniting Orochimaru's desire.

He positioned himself behind Kabuto and opened his cloak, pushing the confinement of clothing out of the way, replacing the slithery tongue with his aching cock, moving inside Kabuto, hands settled on the boy's hips.

"You belong to me," he hissed, yellow eyes narrowing to slits, his lips curving at the corners.

Then his tongue was out again, curling around Kabuto's stomach, the tip searching for Kabuto's cock, then wrapping around it, like a third hand. He could taste the pre-cum, and he licked it, trapping the shaft in a tight cocoon.

"...uh...ah ah ah..." Kabuto's eyes rolled up under his lids as Orochimaru's cock penetrated him. His body stretched a little too easily, it wanted this, and it wasn't asking him how he felt about it.

The slithery tongue wrapping around his cock was way past beyond too much. It was like being fucked and sucked at the same time and he'd forgotten that when the sun had gone down on this day, he'd been a virgin in body, if not in mind for a couple of years at least. "..oh god... oh my god... oh My God..."

And maybe he was actually praying to the demon who was now using him, and giving him pleasures he hadn't the imagination to even conceive of.

Low guttural sounds formed in the back of Orochimaru's throat, a mix of growls and hisses, as he bucked his hips, completely burying himself in his prey's willing body. With every thrust, he took a part of Kabuto for himself, feeding on him, stealing his warmth, until the coldness within became somewhat tepid. He continued applying pressure on Kabuto's cock with his tongue, tensing and releasing, like a mill.

Kabuto whined and whimpered, tears dripping sluggishly, from nothing other than the intensity of his body's stimulation. The blood from his lip stopped but now drops of clear saliva took its place, dripping unimpeded from his slackly open lips. His hands had clawed down until they were half buried in silt and rotted plant remains, and his knees dug in the same. In a delirium of lust and over stimulation his body began to shudder with controlled spasms, clenching around the organ that thrust into him, spurting thick, sticky fluids, every muscle screaming in an ecstasy as dark as a moonless midnight.

Orochimaru caught the hot seed in the folds of his tongue, still tightly wrapped around Kabuto's cock, still squeezing him, even as he was softening. He continued thrusting, riding him, fast and hard, until he could hold back no more, Kabuto's trembling body under him, slowly melting, sagging onto the ground.

Orochimaru climaxed and was sated...for now. Sexual pleasure was so fleeting, only lasting a few seconds. Then the lingering emptiness would return, leaving him thirsty, hungry for more.

And he'd hunt again, go out into the night and find a prey. This one again, perhaps. Yes...he liked this one.

"Kabuto." He pulled out slowly, lifting the boy's body, lowering on the wet grass, flat on his back. He bent over him, covering his mouth with a ferocious kiss. "Now we're done."

Kabuto choked on the kiss, then sucked it in desperately. His body lay flaccid, unable for the moment to move. He could feel the snake-god's seed oozing a little out of his body. He could taste his own on the man's squirming tongue in his mouth.

Now we're done.

That meant Orochimaru was done with him.

Somehow he willed enough energy from nervous tension into his limbs to move. He crawled to his knees, pawing for his discarded clothes with hands that felt numb.

Orochimaru stood, brushing off his cloak, standing near the tree where their meeting had first begun that night. He watched Kabuto get dressed, his eyes feasting on that body that had brought him momentary warmth, momentary pleasure. He could already feel the thirst rising again.

"I'll return in one week," he said. "During the chuunin exams."

Wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, Kabuto adjusted his glasses back onto his face.

When he answered, his voice was as cool and calm as if nothing had happened, though the timbre was harsh from coming through raw vocal cords.

"As you wish."

Orochimaru smiled, moving close to Kabuto, softly stroking his cheek. For a moment, something flickered in the deep golden eyes, before giving way to the usual coldness. "You've done well," he said.

Then he was gone, fading in the night.

Kabuto watched the figure fade and disappear. He waited where he was for...ten minutes? Then he leaned against the tree and wretched until he couldn't stand up.

Half an hour later he was back in his room in Konoha, planning his next treachery.

- end -
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  • In the mood for GW fic?

    Then head over here! After seven years, Av decided to write more in her 2+3 series. And I'm so glad she did. :)

  • Birthday gift-fics! :D

    I was gifted with two Naruto fics for my b-day. Though I'm sure most of you have already seen these, I wanted to post links here to share. :D *…

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