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Wufei/Duo fanart by ponderosa121

About a year ago - give or take a few months - I told Pond that I wanted a "GW pic". Plain and simple. I didn't give her any details, setting - nada. She wanted to know what I wanted, and I couldn't really focus on anything specific.

At the time, though, I was happily playing at rackandruin with datenshiblue, so the idea of Duo/Wufei was an obvious choice. I finally wrote to Pond and told her that's what I wanted. I told her to do something pretty with Duo/Wufei.

Today she posted Soft and Sweet - NC-17!.

Somehow, she went inside my mind and picked an image; because this is exactly what I see when I think of 2x5/5x2. She managed to capture the little things I love about this pairing in a deliciously sexy pic. I love the expression in Duo's eyes; I love the kiss; I love the way they're touching each other and how it's sweet and tender and HOT all in one.

To say that I'm happy with the picture would be an understatement.

So pardon me while I go in my corner and remain a grinning idiot for the rest of the day. I think I'm going to melt.

P.S. I asked for this pic but I hope others enjoy it, too. Mainly datenshiblue and keelywolfe. (Yes, I did have you gals in mind. *grins*) And paikan, you too! A little yummy smut! ^_~

ETA: I meant to mention that the fic version of rackandruin, After Hours, can be found at GWA on either my page or Bonne's - under "Bonne&Von". In case anyone might be interested.

/end shameless self-promotion/
Tags: duo, fanart pimp, gw, wufei
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