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First rec of the year! GW: Yummy fic from Keely

You know, I was gonna bitch about the fact that I had no breakfast this morning, and that I ended up having a disgusting slice of pizza from the cafeteria for lunch.

But instead...

No Substitute for Talent, 1x2x5, NC-17 by keelywolfe

She said she'd write me porn last night. And like Duo, she never tells a lie. :)

1x2x5 is always good, but I can't think of a better day for this section of the series to be posted. Made my craptastic day so much better. *sighs happily*

Duo's sexy, and Heero's horny, and Wufei's adorable, and *squee*. Thank you, Keely! *hugs*

Porn is all you need!
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