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Wufei essay

Remember a few months ago I'd mentioned that I was considering writing a Wufei essay for reflections_2. Then I said I probably shouldn't, because I could think of someone else who would do a better job.

Of course, I was right.

Please, take the time to read datenshiblue's The Warrior Who Fights For Justice.

She has a deep understanding of his character, his culture, his motives. She knows Wufei like no other, and she writes him that way, too.

This essay lives up to her writing standards in fiction - and some more. Carefully researched and accompanied by quotes from the series, this piece is a winner.

Even if you're not a Wufei fan, you should read. It will, if nothing else, clear up a few misconceptions.

*sighs happily and goes to read again*
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