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GW FIC: There's Always Tomorrow (yaoi, lemon)

Today is datenshiblue's birthday, and therefore, a *very* special day.

Title: There's Always Tomorrow
Pairings: 1x5, 2+5, 1+2+5 - something like that!
Warnings: yaoi, language, PWP, threesome?
Rating: NC-17'ish.
Spoilers: None really, but this is set during the series. You know, when Wufei, Heero and Duo were captured by Oz.
Disclaimer: I don't own GW. You know the drill.

Notes: This is for bonnejeanne's birthday. I love you, b! <3


He awoke to the sound of soft murmurs, whispers, and brief but wet kisses. The room was very dark, except for a small fluorescent bulb on the ceiling, and the vague vestiges of some yellow light that seeped in through the barred window on the metal door.

Wufei's eyes adjusted quickly. From his corner of the cell, he could see the two other captives, Duo Maxwell and Heero Yuy. The Japanese pilot leaning against the wall, his arms around Maxwell's neck, his hand wrapped tightly around the thick braid.

He'd suspected this before, but had never found any evidence to support his theory. And here it was now, clear, and blatantly so. Still lying on his side, he clenched his fists and made a mental note to regulate his breathing, to continue as he had been while asleep; to make sure they wouldn't notice he was awake. He felt like an intruder. Just by the act of waking he'd walked into a secret that was not meant to be shared with him.

This was not meant for his eyes.

But Wufei couldn't look away. His eyes were fixed on the two boys, on the way Yuy's hand gripped Maxwell's braid and ran up and down along the length, as if he were climbing a rope. And the way Maxwell's body seemed to tremble in the dim light, the way he leaned over Yuy's body, pressing against him.

The sounds, low, quiet moans, and hushed words he couldn't quite make out.


Wufei heard the Japanese boy's monotone, watched as Heero moved his arms away from Duo. Almost immediately, Duo withdrew and walked a few steps away from Heero, then leaned against the wall.

Holding a sharp breath in his throat, Wufei closed his eyes tightly and remained motionless. The cold from the ground where he lay passed through his clothes, penetrating his body. He suppressed a shiver.

Someone moved in the cell, a few soft steps towards where he was. Controlled, almost mechanical movements.

"Wufei," Heero's voice again.

Wufei opened his eyes and sat up, leaning against the wall, his manacled hands over his chest.

Heero was kneeling down on the ground, only a few steps away from him. The blue eyes shone intensely, even in the dark.

Wufei raised his eyes to meet the cool, calm glare. He felt heat rising to his cheeks, a wave of shame rolling over him, a dull pain in the center of his stomach. Part of him wanted to look away, but his pride was strong, stronger than his shame, and it would not allow him to look down.

Defiantly, he lifted his chin and held Heero's gaze for a few moments, then slowly, disdainfully looked away. "Don't let me stop you," he said, his voice was harsh and not as controlled as he'd intended it.

"We didn't realize you were awake!" Duo chimed in, moving away from the wall. "If we had..." he trailed off.

"If you had, what?" Wufei turned his head a little and looked up, his eyes drifting to where Duo was standing.

Heero took a deep breath and straightened up. He walked across the cell and settled back in the opposite corner of the room, slowly sliding his back along the wall as he sat. He brought his knees up to his chest and moved the manacles over them.

"If we had," Duo spoke again, "We'd have asked you to join."

The American's last words hung in the air and Wufei's eyes widened for a moment, then narrowed on Maxwell's grinning face. "Idiot," he hissed.

"Such language!" Duo snorted. "And you know, someone calling me that would normally hurt my feelings. Except that from the likes of you and Heero, that almost sounds like an endearment."

Wufei scowled and looked away.

"Well, now that we got that part out of the way," Duo said, and crouched down to Wufei's level. His knees on the ground, his bound hands dragging in front of him, he moved closer to Wufei, somehow managing to be graceful, cat-like even in these conditions.

His eyes were bright and deep, shades of blue and violet. They could almost eclipse the intensity of Heero's glare, though in a different way. Duo's stare was...playful, a spark of mischief ever-present. All one had to do was look him in the eye to know he was up to no good.

He was moving closer and closer. His face was now but inches away from Wufei's, so close Wufei could feel the warmth of his breath. There was a grin on his lips, a set of white teeth flashing in the darkness. It was almost eerie.

Wufei jerked away, mustering what little balance he could, considering his hands were bound in front of him, and stood up. "What do you want? He growled, taking a few steps to the side, marking a more comfortable distance between himself and Maxwell.

"I thought we'd already gone over this." Duo stood up in one swift move, making Wufei wonder why the American seemed to have perfect balance. They were both restrained, and yet Duo seemed to have perfect control of his body, while Wufei felt his own slipping away.

"What are you talking about?" Wufei shot back impatiently.

"Want you to join," Duo said huskily, closing the distance between them one more time, invading Wufei's personal space in the most unacceptable way. "You know you want it. You need it," Duo added, a crooked smile playing on his lips.

Those last words were delivered in a tone that made Wufei angry. Such confidence, there was almost arrogance in it. What did Maxwell know about what he wanted or needed?

At the moment, he was a prisoner and what he wanted more than anything was to be free, to leave this cell and return to battle. He was a warrior. No, he was a Gundam pilot. Nataku awaited his return. His desires were different from what Duo Maxwell believed. He didn't need his company or his attention. He didn't need Yuy's either. They could have each other.

Wufei had his pride and his honor and his sense of justice. He didn't need anything else.

Duo leaned closer and brushed his lips over Wufei's cheek, and Wufei yanked himself away. Almost instinctively, he sent a front kick, but there was no conviction in it. None at all.

"Easy, boy!" Duo's quick reflexes easily dodged the blow. "I'm not trying to hurt you."

Wufei turned over to Heero, praying for the Wing pilot's prudence, for his common sense. Certainly, he could take control of this situation; he could stop Maxwell from pursuing this insanity.

His hopes died all too quickly as his eyes found Heero's impassive gaze. Yes, he was watching, watching very attentively, but he didn't seem inclined to take action to stop any of this.

"I can spend the night chasing you around the cell, wasting energy and depleting our oxygen supply...or we can do this the easy way," Duo said.

Wufei turned away from Heero and faced the American again. Confused by the strange series of events, wondering if perhaps he was still sleeping in the cold corner of this prison, having a stress induced dream.

The oxygen supply. There was his answer. They were beginning to lack oxygen in this cell and it was obviously affecting Maxwell. "Are you out of your mind?"

"Not at all," Duo replied.

"Don't fight him, Wufei," Heero said from his corner. "He won't stop. Until you do what he wants."

The lack of oxygen was obviously affecting Yuy's judgment, too.

"You should listen to Heero. He speaks from experience." Duo smirked.

"Why?" Wufei asked.

"Why what?" Duo shot back, seeming almost confused for a moment. "Why you should listen to Heero? Or why are we doing this?"


"There might be no tomorrow. We might die tonight," Duo said softly. "And I want a kiss. I want to be warm and comfortable with you. Want to forget that I'm trapped in this cold, ugly, dark cell."

"You have Yuy there." Wufei motioned with his head towards Heero.

"Ah, but I already got a kiss from Heero. I've gotten much more than a kiss from him." Duo smiled, looking at Heero over his shoulder for only a moment, then turning his attention back to Wufei. "Your turn."

Wufei was breathing hard now. He could feel his nostrils flaring, his chest tight and heavy. Every voice inside his head screaming, telling him to continue fighting. But he couldn't. He didn't want to. He was weak.

He looked up at Duo, meeting those eyes that seemed to be gleaming in the dim light, those eyes that could bewitch anyone. A soft yelp escaped Wufei's mouth as Duo leaned over to claim his lips, kissing him tenderly and hesitantly at first, and then with more force.

The battle was over, Wufei knew. This time, it didn't seem to matter who would be the victor and who the loser. There were many facts to consider, circumstances that would make it impossible to see black and white in this situation. There could only be shades of gray. Violet. Blue.

Wufei gave in to the kiss, parting his lips, allowing his tongue to meet Duo's, to caress, to explore. Their bound hands in front of them, between them, making it impossible to get as close as he wanted to get to the other boy. His defenses were down, and Wufei found that Duo had been right all along. He did want this...need this; had wanted, longed for, this for a long time.

Duo leaned back a little, and Wufei couldn't suppress a groan of protest as Duo's warm lips were taken away from him. "Need to find a more comfortable position. Want to kiss you without straining my neck," Duo said, bringing the manacles above his head for a moment. Opening his arms, he slid them over Wufei's head and around his neck.

Wufei winced a little as he felt the cold, heavy metal resting on his shoulders, the back of his neck; but Duo's lips were on him again, soft and moist, and the manacles were quickly forgotten.

There were soft fingertips being pressed to his back, and a thigh being raised towards him, sliding in between his legs, gently rubbing against his crotch. Wufei moaned against Duo's lips as he felt his loose pants becoming a little tighter.

Wufei wanted to touch back, wanted to feel Duo's body, touch the braid, hold it tight in his hand, just the way he'd seen Heero do earlier. But he found his hands trapped in between their bodies, the manacles weighing down, restraining his movement. It was torture.

Another body next to them, pressing warm lips to Wufei's shoulder, making him shiver. With half-lidded eyes, Wufei looked over to the side, to find Heero Yuy standing next to him, watching him with those cool blue eyes, so intense, almost as intense as the trail of kisses he was leaving on his shoulder, and down on his arm, kissing the outline of his bicep.

Breathlessly, Duo broke away from the kiss and looked over at Heero. As if by command, Heero was standing up straight, moving his face over to Duo's. Their lips met and Wufei watched as they devoured each other, making that soft, wet sound that had woken him earlier this evening.

With his arms still wrapped around Wufei's neck, Duo moved to the side, and leaned against the wall. Heero moved in front of Wufei and watched him closely for a few moments, a scrutinizing glance, as if assessing the possible dangers of a mission.

It only took a few seconds. It was Heero kissing him now. His kiss was as intoxicating as Duo's, yet different. It was...stronger, demanding lips, a harder jaw-line pressing against Wufei's face. Heero's tongue moved inside Wufei's mouth with the same ease as Duo's had a few moments before, but without the frenzied movements that had stolen Wufei's breath away. Heero's kiss was slower, more controlled. Precision in everything he did.

Wufei would have continued analyzing the differences between the two boys' kissing styles, but his mind was shutting down. It was impossible to think about this, about anything at all, when he had Heero's tongue plundering his mouth, and Duo's lips nibbling on his earlobe.

Heero's hands were bound, too, but Wufei felt them move in between their bodies, fingers reaching out, touching him through the thin material of his pants. It took all of Wufei's strength to refrain from crying out, from letting out the loud moan that was forming in his throat.

Duo's tongue kept darting out, going inside his ear. His lips closed around his earlobe, biting, nibbling, sending shivers throughout Wufei's body. And Heero's fingers, rubbing against his erection, hands moving slowly, but freely despite their restraints. Heero pushed Wufei's hands to the side and began pulling at the waistband of Wufei's pants.

Wufei had never felt anything like this, had never imagined so much pleasure was even possible. His head lolled back, softly hitting the wall, and he gasped against Heero's lips, trapping Heero's tongue between his teeth, then sucking it a little.

"See, Wufei," Duo whispered in his ear. "Isn't this, so much better?" He gently pushed Wufei's body away from the wall and moved around him, sliding behind him. Heero shifted to accommodate the sudden change of position without breaking the kiss.

Duo lowered his arms over Wufei's chest. The cold touch of metal made Wufei's nipples harden. Heero was so close, Wufei was certain he could feel the metal, too.

Slowly, Heero drew away, pressing a soft kiss on Wufei's cheek and then moving his chin over Wufei's shoulder to Duo's face, his lips. They kissed briefly, then Heero returned his attention to Wufei.

Moving down to the ground, kneeling before Wufei, Heero tugged at the waistband of Wufei's pants and untied the string. Wufei gasped as he felt Heero lowering his pants, then pushing away his underwear and moving his mouth closer to him, engulfing his erection.

Wufei's body tensed for a moment, closing his eyes very tight as he felt the wet, powerful mouth wrap around his cock. He felt Duo's lips on the side of his neck, and relaxed a little, allowing his back to rest against Duo's body.

Wufei rocked his hips forward, burying himself even deeper in Heero's mouth. His hands reached out, fingers grasping for Heero's dark hair, so soft to the touch. And then he was lost, lost in sensation, in feeling; lost in Duo's embrace and Heero's wet mouth sucking him hard, lips pressing tight around his cock, tongue twirling around the head.

It was impossible to resist, impossible to fight, or even make any attempts. With a little moan, Wufei let himself go, tremors and shivers overtaking his body as he came inside Heero's mouth.

Wufei sagged against Duo's body, taking in slow, deep breaths, trying to restore the normal rhythm of his respiration. He felt Heero's hands pulling his pants back up, gently touching his thigh.

Parting his eyes a little, Wufei saw that Heero was back on his feet, standing in front of him. They kissed again, and Wufei could taste himself on Heero's lips.

"God, that was so fucking hot!" Duo's voice brought him out of this magical trance. He felt Duo's arms slowly go up, disentangling himself. He took a few steps away. "So fucking hot," he repeated, pacing a little in the cell. "And these goddamn things." He shook his hands and hit the wall with the manacles. "Making it all so complicated."

Heero moved to the corner where Wufei had been sleeping earlier and sat down. "Come here," he murmured, raising his hands towards Wufei.

Wufei stood still for a moment, watching Duo pace around the cell, unable to decide if he should go to him, or acquiesce to Heero's request.

"Wufei," Heero called again. And there was something in his voice Wufei had never heard before. A certain...heat in the usually cool voice. There was warmth when he called Wufei's name. "Come here."

Heero was calling him, wanted him. Wufei couldn't deny this request. Slowly, he walked towards Heero and hesitantly lowered himself to the ground. Then Heero lifted his arms and stretched his legs, spreading them a little. He motioned for Wufei to come closer.

Wufei moved and settled between Heero's legs, resting his back on Heero's chest and he felt Heero's arms surrounding him, coming over his chest, just the way Duo had held him a few minutes earlier.

It was strange, this feeling, this situation. He was not used to this closeness, this proximity; had never been so close to Heero Yuy, and yet it felt right. He was comfortable, nestled next to him, indulging in what could pass as affection.

Duo was still pacing the cell, still banging the manacles against the wall. "This is so pathetic!" He cried out. "Trapped in this cell, with both of you...and my fucking hands restrained. This can't be it. I can't die like this! This is hell!"

Wufei felt his body tense and he lurched forward, wanting to get up, go to Duo. But Heero's strong arms held him back. "It's okay," he whispered in Wufei's ear.

Duo was now pressing his forehead on the wall; then he banged his head against it a few times. Not hard enough to cause any damage, but enough to make it very uncomfortable for Wufei to watch from where he was sitting.

Wufei made another attempt to get up, but he felt Heero's arms tighten around him. "He needs this," Heero said quietly. "He'll be okay."

Duo banged the manacles on the wall one more time, and that seemed to wake-up the Oz guard on duty.

"Quiet in there!" The guard shouted from outside, flashing a lantern through the small window on the door.

"Oh, fuck--" Duo started, anger in his voice, but Heero cut him off mid-sentence.

"Duo." Heero's voice was even in tone, but it held so much more. A plea? Warning? Command?

Whatever it was, it seemed to have the desired effect.

"All right," Duo lowered his voice. "Fuck you and the horse you rode on. Fuck you, Oz. Fuck all of you," he muttered under his breath, his words followed by a string of obscenities, whispered so low, Wufei was barely able to hear.

"Okay, okay!" Duo said in a soft tone. "We're going to be very quiet now."

The Oz guard walked away and Duo took a deep breath.

He looked over at Wufei and Heero and walked over to them. He sat on the floor and settled in between Wufei's legs, moving a little to the side to avoid Heero's manacles. He rested his head on Wufei's shoulder.

"We won't die tonight," Duo said quietly.

"No," Wufei replied, not knowing how or why Duo's statement rang true. He was convinced. "Not tonight."

"Of course, when it comes to dying," Duo said, "there's always tomorrow. And tomorrow, and tomorrow. Funny, isn't it?" He chuckled. "There's always tomorrow."

Heero leaned forward and brushed his fingers over Duo's shoulder, lingering there for a moment.

"Death is the only kind of opportunity that knocks on your door more than once. You just never miss your chance! It'll come back for you, always comes back for you. Death is...patient." Duo finished with a sigh.

Wufei felt Duo's weight sagging up against him, head pressed tight against Wufei's shoulder. The long chestnut braid fell limply on Wufei's lap.

He wanted to say something, something that would contradict Duo's words; argue, just for the sake of arguing with him. But there was no point. What could he possibly say? Duo was right.

"You know," Duo spoke again, "I really hope we make it out of this one. Get these fucking things off!" He raised his hands to eye level, only high enough to show off his manacles. "So we can do this properly." He tilted his head to the side and caught the corner of Wufei's chin between his lips, kissing him softly.

Wufei's breath caught in his throat at the touch of Duo's lips, and the sight of Heero's arms surrounding him, holding him tight. Wufei rested his back on Heero's chest, feeling Heero's breath on his neck. So warm. And Duo's body curled next to him, the scent of his hair sneaking up to his nose, making his heart thud hard inside his chest.

"This sucks!" Duo protested again. "This really, really sucks! See if I *ever* want to play with handcuffs again. If we make it out of this one, I'm throwing them out!"

Heero snorted but said nothing.

Wufei blinked, confused by the way Maxwell could make the tone of the conversation fluctuate from morbid to lighthearted with just a few words, in only a matter of seconds. How could he find humor in every situation? More important, why?

And Yuy, so rigid, so strong, always in control, how easily he'd let his guard down around Duo; how he allowed Duo's infectious humor to contaminate him. Inexplicable.

Mysteries, both of them.

He knew them well in battle, yet he didn't know much more. But he wanted to, had always wanted to.

It'd just never seemed possible to know them like this.

"Tomorrow." Duo rested his cheek on Wufei's forearm, and Wufei felt the soft brush of lashes as Duo closed his eyes. "I hope we have a few more of those in store."

Wufei shivered as he felt Heero's lips pressing on his neck. Snuggled between the two pilots, this dark cell was no longer cold. No longer...lonely. His fingers curled around the tip of Duo's braid. He'd wanted this for so long...

He closed his eyes, enjoying the silky feel of Duo's hair.

Yes, perhaps there would be a tomorrow.

~ Fin ~

Author Notes: This was written partially between 9PM and midnight and then between 3 and 7AM. So, if you see anything weird, blame it on my lack of sleep. ^_~
Tags: duo, fanfic, gw, heero, wufei

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  • Birthday gift-fics! :D

    I was gifted with two Naruto fics for my b-day. Though I'm sure most of you have already seen these, I wanted to post links here to share. :D *…

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