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I'm Your Christ

March 30th, 2005

11:07 am - Obsessing over Kimi...

Kimimaro - from 126Collapse )

01:02 pm - Naruto Fic: A Willing Walk in Hell 1/1

Once again, I'm blaming it on bonne. ^__~

Title: A Willing Walk in Hell
Authors: DaMoyre and datenshiblue
Pairing: Orochimaru/Kabuto
Rating: NC-17
Genre: yaoi, dark
Warnings: graphic yaoi, a bit of blood, possible squick
Setting: Takes place a few years before the chuunin exam.
Spoilers: For the series and the manga.
Disclaimer: We don't own the Naruto characters. We're just playing with them and returning them in mint condition. Mostly.

Note: Not a happy/fuzzy fic. This is very dark.

Read more...Collapse )

08:01 pm - Naruto fanart pimps

All Orochimaru related, I'm afraid:

* Orochimaru pic by tardbot5000

* Oro in his yellow robe/kimono by red_vision. (He looks so pretty!)

* Orochimaru + Kimimaro, also by red_vision (I think I'd linked to this one before.)

09:06 pm - My Little Orochimaru

My Gai <3's me.

She made, preetty Orochimaru Pony.

OMG! It's sooo cute. *squee*

/purrs at Gai-mun's ankles/
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