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A week's worth of recs...

Meant to post before. Couldn't. :(

I guess that's what happens when RL decides to take over.

January 12, 2003
The Confessor Series by Annabell.

I'm not very fond of AU or fusion fics, but this is definitely one of the best out there. It would really help if you like fantasy. The writing is *very* nice and the characters are still recognizable. The fic is shonen-ai, with traditional 1+2 and 3+4 pairings. However, don't expect more than subtle hints throughout the fic, as the it is mostly plot oriented - not romance.

The sequel, Mord-Sith!, is also rather nice. But it is incomplete and doesn't really live up to the standards of the first. Watch for violent scenes.

January 13, 2003
Peace by datenshiblue

Relena doesn't get enough attention in GW fics! (At least, not the *right* kind of attention!) This one portrays a beautiful friendship between Heero and Relena. And more than friendship between Relena and Dorothy. It's angsty and bittersweet, but definitely worth reading.

January 14, 2003
R.E.M by jayloveslj

I love Jay's style! Her writing really grabs you by the throat - and in this fic, it does much more than that! Beware: death, dark-fic!

I can't say more without spoiling it.

January 15, 2003
Light As a Feather by catscradle

Be ready to feel as if you were inside a dream - floating along with Trowa. There's a rather nice Wufei characterization, and very subtle shonen-ai hints. Definitely one of my favorites! :)

January 16, 2003
The Complicated Arc by liliascrescens.

1+R+2, 1x2xR and combinations thereof! :) What more can I say? This fic allows Heero to have the best of both worlds - he gets Duo *and* Relena! Beautiful and romantic writing. ^__^

January 17, 2003
From A Good Night Kiss by keelywolfe

Though Keely claims this is a PWP, don't let the continuous sex scenes fool you. There's much more than raw sex in this fic. (Though the sex is still rather nice!)

1x2x5 - And Wufei's IC! What more can one ask for? ^_~

Today's rec (01.18.03)
Anatexis by Alexe Cinz

Now, I've heard some people complain that Alexe's style is dry and boring. I happen to disagree. Give this fic a chance, even if it takes you a little while to get *into* it - you will - and you won't be sorry you've read it! Some of the best writing I've seen in GW; in fact, some of the best writing I've seen, period. (Post EW)
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