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It's not secret that I have a soft spot for the Heero/Trowa pairing. So... *g*

January 10, 2003

Walking In My Shoes by haze1.

This was the first haze1 story I ever read, and I immediately fell in love with her writing. :) I was fascinated by all the emotion in her characterizations. Trowa and Heero are usually portrayed as cold and unemotional. They're anything but that. She did a great job bringing out their intensity.

UST, shonen-ai, angst

Today's rec (01.11.03)

Winterlong by flambeau

One of my favorite Heero/Trowa stories. The mood of the fic is almost dreamy. When, combined with great characterizations, and flambeau's beautiful style, reading this fic will leave you smiling. :)
Tags: fanfic recs, gw

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