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Today's rec(s!)

I'm in a Trowa/Duo mood tonight, so I'm gonna do a few. ^_^

(Very *few*, actually! Unfortunately, it's hard to find good fics featuring these two.)

* Fishing On the Moon by KKChiTown.

No spoilers. No warnings. Just a nice conversation between Duo and Trowa. :-)

* Goodliness is Next to Cleanliness by avaaricious.

This one is post-EW. The boys are working together at the Preventers. Both boys are rather IC. And there's a shower scene! What more could one ask for? ;) (shonen-ai)

The fic is part one of the Appearances Series. You can find the rest at Facades.

* Dreams of Yellowed Boned by keelywolfe.

This one might seem a little on the strange side, but not surprisingly, very fitting for Trowa. One of them is sick. The other plays doctor. yaoi, lemon. YESSS! *g*

* Talk, Talk, Talk by babaca.

Another one that might seem a little strange. But it really isn't! It made perfect sense to me. ;) Portrays a nice bond between Trowa/Duo.

* Heritage by Erin Cayce.

I really like this one. It portrays a darker, meaner side of Duo. Behold, Shinigami. Yaoi, Angst.
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