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I wanted to post yesterday, but din't get a chance to. (I had a terrible backache, so I went to bed early in the afternoon and didn't get up again till this morning - rather reluctantly, I should add.)

I noticed that the fic I wanted to recommend yesterday is no longer up on the web. :( I'll have to e-mail the author and see if I can find a copy elsewhere. In the meantime, I'm going to skip that one and continue with the other recs. :-)

January 5, 2003

Dancin' With My Mirror by datenshiblue.

1x2, yaoi, angst

This one is a songfic, but don't be turned off by that. The lyrics actually fit in with the fic and everything flows quite nicely. The fic is angsty and intense, featuring a well-done Duo, which is just a delight. :-)

The fic is part of a long series: The Frozen Colony Arc. You can find it in Bonne&Von's section at:


You might want to go and read the arc from the beginning, but even if you don't, you can still follow Dancin' With My Mirror without any problems.

In the same storyline, and also recommended, are:

Down Time in Hell and
. (co-written with jupiterjones)

Today's rec (01.06.03)

Something Blue by jayloveslj.

Pairing: 13xUne! :-)

Angst, death, and lots of poetic writing in Jay's very unique style. 'nuff said.
Tags: fanfic recs, gw

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