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January: A month of recs!

I've been meaning to update my website and recs for quite a while and haven't gotten around to it. This isn't so much a New Year's resolution, but a project I've been putting off for a long time. So I'm thinking if I can collect all the recs in LJ little by little, it will be easier to put them up in my site - when I'm ready. :)

January will be the month of recs! One every single day. And since I already missed two days, I'll go back and do the recs for those days, too. ^_^

(Note: Most of the recs will be GW, but there might be other fandoms every now and then.)

January 1st, 2003

Angel on Vacation by dirtyoldlady.

2x1, yaoi, angst.

Also recommended are the sequels to this story: Losing My Religion and I Don't Have Anything.

Sad and poignant without being melodramatic. The ending is totally unexpected. Having a box of tissues handy won't hurt.

January 2nd, 2003

Being Duo Maxwell Series by keelywolfe.

Something a little more cheerful than the last rec, (and dare I say *lemony*!). These stories are probably the closest one can get to writing 1x2/2x1 within the anime storyline. Very IC, very hot, very nice. It's keelywolfe.

1x2/2x1, yaoi, LEMON, lemon, lemon, errr...some angst, Duo's dark humor, a little bit of everything.

Today's Rec (01.03.03)

Something I Thought I Could Be by sparcck.

A very nice look into Wufei's head. It *is* Wufei. I don't know how else to describe this fic. Just read it! ^_^

Pairings: 1+2, 2+5 and 3+4. Angst.

[Edit: Is it just me or does the "determined" mood-icon look rather pissed off?]
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