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Heero/Duo Snippet

Look, Ma! I'm writing 1+2 now! ^_^

So here we go. Here's part of that fic that sharona1x2 is not allowed to see yet. So, Sharon: don't peek! ;)

It was amazing, to think that Heero and I had gotten to where we were now by mere accident...

A few years ago, I got injured during a Preventer's mission. Once I was discharged from the hospital, I refused to hire a nurse to help me at home, but Heero came over everyday to check on me. I tried to keep him away, telling him I didn't really need any help, but the man is stubborn as they come. To make things easier, I told him he could stay over at my apartment, instead of traveling halfway across the city from the Preventer's office, and then back to his place every night. The arrangement was supposed to last a few days, but soon it became weeks. Before we knew it, he'd stopped sleeping on the couch and started sharing my bed. And honestly, I didn't mind one bit. I had been pining over him for quite a while. He nursed me back to health better than any doctor or medicine could have. Though I'm sure some of the positions in my new Japanese therapy would not have been approved by my chiropractor.

Three years later, he's still living with me.

Ever since, Heero Yuy had been on a mission to grant me every secret wish, every desire. He had done nothing but surprised me with how carefully he paid attention to everything I said. He remembered even the most diminutive details of our conversations, and used them later to do things that meant the world to me.

When he found out about my fascination with the moon, he took me away, (in a manner that I'd most accurately describe as kidnapping!) and drove to the mountains. He insisted the sky would be clearer there, and our view of the moon much better. A few days later he showed up with a telescope set that must have cost him at least three paychecks. We repeated our trips to the mountains every few weeks, to observe the moon and the stars.

Eventually, I didn't know which one of us was more obsessed with the stellar bodies. Heero became completely enthralled with constellations. And believe me, when Heero Yuy fixates on something, it can be a dangerous thing. He would breathe, eat, and sleep stars. I began to wonder if he'd cross the line and start making predictions. Then he could reconsider his undercover-agent-bodyguard-hacker-extraordinaire position with the Preventers and become a full-time astrologist, complete with a daily column of "Ask Heero and the Stars."

As it turned out, after a few months, he'd already learned everything there was to know about stars, and memorized every imaginable statistic. Something else caught his attention then, and I no longer had to share the telescope.

Later, he traveled with me to L2 to do charity work, and with more than a little help from Relena and Quatre, we managed to benefit a few hundred orphans. Our fund raiser gave us enough money to build a new home for children, with the name of Father Maxwell.

Those were just some of the highlights. But there were other things, many other little things here and there that meant just as much as the big ones. Like the way he made sure there was always a pot of fresh coffee in the mornings, even though he never drank any; and how he always managed to surprise me with a hidden note under the pillow, in my drawer, or on the fridge when he was sent away on emergency missions.

Of course, that last one was probably the result of my throwing all his stuff out of our place when he disappeared without notice for over four weeks. While he was supposed to be home on vacation, I should mention. And Une, always so helpful, did not have the courtesy to inform me he had been called back on duty. Not that I had asked, mind you. It would have been pretty embarrassing to ask my boss if she knew where I could find my live-in lover.

I'll never forget the day he came back. He sat outside my door like a lost puppy, unable to enter with his old key after I'd changed the locks. He looked so crestfallen, and I felt like the biggest jerk when he explained the whole thing.

Hey, a guy can make mistakes! And what was I supposed to think, when I came home and found him gone, his laptop missing, as well as some of his clothes? The disappearing act would not have been a new one for Heero. He'd done it for about two years after the second war, and it was Wufei who found him, and later managed to persuade him to join the Preventers. I definitely owed Wufei one.
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