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More on QaF...

Annoyed as I was last night, still searching for QaF fics, I found this.

A QaF fanfic Contest. Sponsored by Showtime! How cool is that? Would anybody be interested in the challenge? (They have cool prizes! Including a boxed DVD set of season 2 and autographed scripts!) C'mon, I know you *good* writers are out there - you're listening to me!! You want to write something, right? Pretty please? With a cherry on top?

Downside to all this? Well, the entries can only be 500 words. Not sure how much one can accomplish with something so short. (On the other hand, it could be a *good* thing. Nice and succinct. ;)

Also, the contest is only open to US residents. It sucks, since there are SO many fans in Canada. (and other places!)

Oh, yes - and did I mention the lead for the first contest sucks? They have Brian completely OOC. Yes, he's supposed to be in his 40's, but he sounds off....

I was talking to catscradle about it, and now we know why the QaF fanfic sucks. Even the Showtime people can't write. ^_~

I can't get over this line: He was still hot, but now he was also serene.

Who the hell writes like that? =P

Bad fanfic writers, that's who. And Showtime. ^_~

I went to bed trying to think up of a good continuation for that crappy story. But I couldn't come up with anything "original" enough to give it a go. I'll have to think of something...soon.
Tags: fanfic contest, qaf
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