DaMoyre (damoyre) wrote,

300 Nekkid Spartans

You knew that a movie with 300 beautiful men in loincloths was going to generate slash. Some of you might have seen this, but if you haven't 300slash already has a few posts.

I've seen some nice fanart and icons floating around. Also read Stories of Men by caelumi, which I highly recommend!

starrigan, have you seen this? It has your boy, Gerard Butler. ^__^ (And call me crazy, but I much prefer him in Phantom. When he takes the mask off, he just doesn't do it for me anymore.)

keelywolfe, this might be up your alley. *g* Have you seen the movie yet?

I think this will be one of those fandoms where the slash is WAY better than the canon material. I got my popcorn ready. I'll be happy to watch the madness unfold.

Who knows, I might even wet my feet and try my hand with Xerxes pr0n. Stranger things have happened. :D
Tags: 300, fandom, fandom pimp, fanfic recs
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