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It's all about getting Folked (QaF stuff)

Showtime confirms Season Five will be the last. *sighs*

I'm sad, but I'm not. From some of the things the writers did last season that made me cringe, I was already hoping that they would wrap it up already. Sometimes you hit a dead end and there isn't much you can do with a story.

At least that's what happens to TV-show writers. Maybe they need to get ideas from the fanfic community! That's where all the juicy stuff is anyway. ^_~

Would I like them have another season? Sure! But I don't want them to fuck up my boys; and they will if they continue. In all honesty, the series should have ended at 308-309. You can't get better than that.

(Some of the rumors/spoilers for Season 5 are already scary and though most of them have been confirmed to be false, I'm still a little nervous about what's to come.)

Season 5 is starting really late this year. I think sometime in April-May. Blah. Talk about long hiatus. But at least Season 4 DVD's can be pre-ordered.

Lifted from sandstorm63

early season one
Early season one. Wild and risky. Man, you're just
asking for trouble aren't you? Then again . . .
you never know.

Which Brian and Justin Are You? (Queer as Folk)
brought to you by Quizilla

Yes, I'm always/mostly/usually asking for trouble. And no, you never know - until you try. ^_^

Oh, and link to season 5 promo, courtesy of starsandsmials, for those who haven't seen. (Meant to post this before, I kept forgetting.)
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